The City of Austin is considering changes to the Land Development Code. These changes would increase the number of housing units allowed on a single-family zoned property. They would also change the regulations...

Schedule of Active Code Amendments


The following chart outlines the recommended timeline for the drafting and adoption of active Land Development Code (LDC) amendments by city staff.  Please note that an updated Schedule of Active Code Amendments chart will be made available on the third Wednesday of each month. Click on the chart below to download a .pdf version of the schedule. To access a table encompassing descriptions and lead departments for all ongoing amendments, please follow this link.

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Active Amendments

C20-2023-029 Eliminate Station Area Amendment Filing Deadlines

Amendment to City Code Title 25 that would allow amendments to Station Area Plans at any time.  

Adopted Amendments

C20-2023-027 Parkland Dedication Repeal and Replace

Amendment to Title 25 to repeal and replace Article 14 - Parkland Dedication as required by HB 1526.

C20-2023-010 Eliminate Minimum Parking Requirements

Amend Title 25 to eliminate minimum off-street motor vehicle parking requirements.

C20-2023-001 Childcare Services

Amendments to Title 25 pertaining to childcare and day care services to modify land use definitions, create use-specific development regulations, ensure compatibility with adjacent uses, and adjust zoning...

C20-2023-020 Zoning Application Processes and Deadlines

Amendments to City Code Title 25-1 and 25-2 (Land Development Code) to create a six-month pilot program modifying certain deadlines related to zoning and rezoning applications and neighborhood plan amendment...

C20-2022-012 North Burnet/Gateway Regulating Plan Amendments

Amend Title 25 to modify the North Burnet/Gateway Regulating Plan to implement the recommendations initiated through Resolution No. 20230504-020.

C20-2021-001 UNO Sign Correction

Amendment to Title 25 to correct an error in UNO sign code that prohibits all illuminated signs. 

C20-2023-022 Barton Springs Bathhouse Site Specific SOS

Amendment to Land Development Code (LDC) 25-8 Article 13 Save Our Springs Initiative and related variances to Chapter 25-8 Subchapters A (Water Quality) of the Land Development Code as necessary to...

C20-2022-022 Live Music Venue and Creative Space (Definitions)

Amendment to City Code Title 25 (Land Development Code) to modify land use definitions related to theater and personal improvement services, modify regulations applicable to home occupations, and add performance...

C20-2023-009 Little Bear Aquifer Recharge Enhancement Site Specific SOS

Site-specific amendments to Title 25, including Chapter 25-8, Subchapter A, Article 13 (Save Our Springs Initiative), as necessary to allow for completion of the Little Bear Aquifer Recharge Enhancement...

C20-2022-017 Tenant Notification and Relocation

Amendment to Title 25 updating tenant notification and relocation requirements that apply when a property is redeveloped.

C20-2023-015 Eliminate NPA Filing Deadlines

Amendment to Article 16 of the Land Development Code (LDC): Neighborhood Plan Amendment (NPA) ordinance to remove the February and July open filing period and also remove ancillary sections referring to...

C20-2022-02A Site Plan Lite Part 1

Amendment to Title 25 to establish that development of three or four residential units on a site will be permitted in the same manner as the City reviews one or two residential units, through the residential...

C20-2022-009 Sixth Street Height Exception

Amendments to Section 25-2-643 to allow a structure located on East Sixth Street and east of Neches Street and west of Sabine to have a maximum building height of 140 feet or that allowable under the Capitol...

C20-2022-004A Compatibility on Corridors Correction

City Council adopted the Corridor Overlay by Ordinance # 20221201-056 on December 1, 2022. The Corridor Overlay relaxes compatibility and parking standards for certain corridor properties. The code amendment...

C20-2022-004 Compatibility on Corridors

City Council adopted the Corridor Overlay on December 1, 2022, that relaxes compatibility and parking standards for certain corridor properties.Click here to review a copy of the executed Corridor...

C20-2021-012 Residential in Commercial

Amendment adopted on December 1, 2022, that creates an affordable housing bonus program that allows residential development on commercially-zoned properties. More information about the amendment can be...