On November 19, 2019, the City Council passed an ordinance making significant changes to University Neighborhood Overlay (UNO) regarding building heights, permitted uses, parking, and sign regulations.

This ordinance affected several UNO sign regulations. Previously, no signs other than engraved or embossed ones were allowed above the second story; however, this provision did not adhere to industry standards and resulted in numerous Board of Adjustment cases. This provision was removed through Council’s action. Although it was intended to be removed, the existing language regarding illuminated signs remained in the ordinance. This has caused issues not only in UNO, but also in the TODs which reference the UNO sign regulations.

At the request of staff, at their May 26, 2020 meeting, the Planning Commission initiated an amendment to remove the provision regarding illuminated signs.

Summary of Proposed Amendment

Removing the prohibition on illuminated signs in UNO.

Review and Adoption Timeline

  • Codes and Ordinances Joint Committee, July 19th (Recommended for Approval)  
  • Planning Commission, August 22nd
  • City Council, September 21st

Case Manager Contact

Mark Walters, Planning Department,

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