Reimagining Public Safety Ideas

This is an open forum to share your ideas to reform public safety in Austin. 

Here are some question prompts to help you get started:

  • When you hear the word policing, what are some other words/phrases that come to mind.
  • What do want to come to mind when you hear Austin Police Department? 
  • When you hear safety, what words come to mind, and how do you envision the ideal in Austin?
  • When you hear reimagining, what words come to mind, and how to you envision the ideal for public safety in Austin? 

Idea Forum Agreements

We ask that you participate in this discussion forum with critical kindness, by acknowledging that exploring public safety matters may be difficult for some and exhibit kindness as you explore issues where you may or may not see eye to eye with other community members you may engage with in this forum.

Please remember that bullying, hate speech, and derogatory language are not permitted and will be removed.

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