What is the purpose of this information?

    The purpose of this information is to engage pool builders and the public regarding changes proposed to the Building Criteria Manual in support of new swimming pool and spa code requirements that will go into effect on September 1, 2020.

    What are the changes being considered?

    1. Updated submittal requirements for the Development Services Department and Austin Public Health
    2. Implementation of 3rd party residential inspections
    3. Direction regarding water discharge per Austin Water and Watershed Protection Department
    4. Direction regarding when a Registered Design Professional is needed to verify structural integrity
    5. Clarify inspection responsibilities between between Development Services Department, Austin Public Health and Austin Fire Department
    6. Distinction between Development Services Department and 3rd party inspections

    Why are these changes being made?

    The State of Texas mandated that the City enact the code provisions that go into effect in September. The rules proposed for adoption are basic guidelines that are essential for implementation of the new code.

    Will there be any changes to plan submittal for a swimming pool or spa?

    No changes are being required at this time when plans are submitted. Additional documentation will be required at the layout inspection, and for the third party inspection on residential swimming pools.

    What are my question or comment options with regard to the proposed rules prior to adoption?

    Please submit your questions or comments in the space provided on the SpeakUp Austin Pool Code Project page. Your feedback will be used to improve the proposed rules and how we deliver services once the rules are final.

    Why is a third party inspection required on a residential swimming pool?

    Inspections are a requirement of the International Swimming Pool and Spa Code.  The City of Austin has elected to allow this inspection to be performed by third party.