How should paid sick time be carried over from year-to-year, and how should/could employees access and use it?

by Doug Matthews,
CLOSED: This discussion has concluded. We are now reviewing all participant feedback and preparing our final report back to Council.

Sometimes, earned sick leave might "carry over" from one year to the next. So, if you did not use sick leave, it would be added to the following year's earned leave. Other times, there may be a "use it or lose it" policy where earned sick time expires at the end of the year if unused. Should the Council be considering one of these, or some combination of the two? 

What process makes sense for employees who need to access sick time? Sometimes, an employer may have all employees pay in to a shared "leave bank" that all can draw from. In other cases, the hours are accrued to the individual employee. Also, what protections might need to be in place to ensure that an employee is not denied use of earned sick time? 

Finally, there are varying requirements for how employees must notify their employer. For instance, is there a specific and reasonable advance notice that should be required? Should there be other requirements to ensure that the employer has sufficient coverage to operate their business?

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Consultation has concluded

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