Station Two: Why Plan?

10 months ago
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What are your thoughts on the peer city review?

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  • Jen 12 months ago
    Having had the benefit of having one of Austin Park's as my backyard I can honestly say preserving green spaces is critical as Austin continues to grow in population. Not just for people but for its wildlife and sustainability. I would request PARD review hours of operation that have direct impact to the survivability of urban wildlife. For example, spring months when nocturnal baby animals need to learn how to hunt for food or avoid prey from their parents and/or on a case by case basis specific parks located near big construction projects that push wildlife out and force relocation.
  • mngirwin 12 months ago
    Preserving green spaces is important AND golf courses do that. There are so many benefits from the golf courses with all of there trees and the turf that provide producing more oxygen and also absorb carbon dioxide. There are many misconceptions about golf courses and their environmental impact. Things have changed so much that golf courses (due to them listening about our environment) are more beneficial now than another parking lot.
  • JAR almost 1 year ago
    Although I know a park is so much more, I consider a playscape a key feature of many parks. I'm curious why this isn't a metric that is compared above. I'd love to see how we compare on that metric.
  • Silver about 1 year ago
    It is important to acquire and preserve as much natural green space as possible, to insure that we have natural spaces for the future. It is also important to preserve all the wonderful parts of the Austin Parks system that are already established. Many facilities are in need of repair and updating-The Austin Nature and Science Center, The Zilker Botanical Garden, and others.
  • MH about 1 year ago
    We need to preseve and expand the number of green spaces in Austin. This should be as high a priority as other resources needed to support the rapid population growth. Before creating baseball fields, we need to prioritize protection and planting TREES and maintaining natural areas.
  • cjw about 1 year ago
    Parks are one of the main draws that bring people to Austin. As the population grows and more tourist come to our city it's going to be important that we preserve the green space that we have. I don't like seeing that Portland has more parkland per person. We need to acquire more land as we become more dense.