Station Six: Tell Us What You Want to See

12 months ago
This discussion has concluded, but you can still review the information.

We've summarized local trends and priority needs for the six park planning sub-areas in the city. Let us know if we are on the right track and what we are missing. You can navigate through each sub-area discussion.

  • Where can we improve access and connections to existing parks?
  • Where should we invest in improvements to and maintenance of existing parks?
  • Where would you like new parks to be located?

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  • Bob Guajardo about 1 year ago
    I used to play tennis at Shipe Park on Duval and 45th and want to return soon to play - courts are fine but need new "nets and posts to hold the nets. The posts that are in the courts are from probably from the 50's, An upgrade would definitely improve and make playing there more enjoyable.
  • silver about 1 year ago
    Please remove the bathroom shelter at Gillis Park on Durwood St. PortaPotties have been set up there for a few years now. the building for the plumbed bathrooms has become a homeless permanent camp & they're destroying the park area with litter, trash & alcoholic's congregating everyday. It's a disgusting situation & the bathroom's in the building are locked every night to prevent homeless from sleeping & doing drugs in them. Please do something NOW!
  • JAR about 1 year ago
    I'd love to see a pocket park at our local fire station on Bluegrass Drive. There is spare land and there are no walk-able parks in the area. A playscape, basketball court, and calisthenics would be amazing additions to allow residence a nearby destination they could enjoy.
  • Ano23 about 1 year ago
    Improve the use of Parks - Bartholomew park is mostly cordoned off for use exclusively by a ball club. The park is packed with families on weekends bbq'ing all packed into the tiny area that is around the playgrounds, with no ability to expand out to the fields because of the chain link fences. There really is no interaction with actual natural areas or even open areas. Alternatively, look at Mueller lake park - the same families flock there to use the entire large green for all kinds of play, plus bbq. And roaming the loop trail on foot, on bike, on stroller, in wheelchair. It works much more for everyone. It's upsetting to be so close to a big park that has no space in it for us to enjoy the outdoors. No places to get near to the creek. No trails to take a loop. The master plan for Bart park is outdated and doesn't reflect current thinking on parks, or community needs. It's a priority of the neighborhood to revisit it, but requests have not been granted. No loop trail has been completed to actually take people through the park, so few would meander past the playscape area, or can, with wheeled participants. Additionally, the pool was turned into a paid pool, so it's of no use to local families. We spend an unfortunate amount of energy carting kids to the free pools nearby, and lamenting the loss of a free pool in our own neighborhood. Had to spend $14 for a one-time 1-hr visit, and we won't going back. $5 for a parent is really a killer. Provide families nearby regional pools with passes so they can use their neighborhood pool, rather than robbing them of a pool. Lastly, the park has become very unsafe and there's lots of talk about how to improve safety at the playground amidst many mental health crises occurring daily with the adult population that spends time in the picnic shelters. People are choosing other parks because this one isn't safe right now.
  • Jen about 1 year ago
    There should be walkable off-leash dog parks in all districts.
  • Ellyn about 1 year ago
    Many people would like to enjoy public parks without worrying about dogs jumping all over them and some are afraid of dogs. Also, a lot of dog owners do not pick up after their pet - especially when off leash. It can also be dangerous for pets in areas where there are coyotes.