Station Six: Central Sub-Area

12 months ago
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Where can we improve access and connections to existing parks?
Where should we invest in improvements to and maintenance of existing parks?
Where would you like new parks to be located?
The community has said they would like to have more trails, natural spaces, outdoor pools, off-leash dog areas and community gardens. Where would they be located?
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  • caderitter about 1 year ago
    Adding lighting to well-used trails in parks (trails that have evening and nighttime usage by pedestrians or cyclists). Our park system could also integrate into our pedestrian and bike infrastructure. Where else in the city are cars entirely absent? I think this presents a great opportunity to encouraging cycling and walking. No space to compete with cars!For example, I often bike along the Barton Springs portion of the Town Lake trail in the evening. It's the best way to get from Barton Springs to the Pfluger ped bridge. There is no lighting, so it's a bit precarious at night, and the loose gravel can make it scary. This isn't the trail I'm suggesting you develop, but I really encourage you guys to look at routes like this through parks and see where we can extend our high-quality cycling and pedestrian infrastructure. A great example of something like this is the new, wide, lit path along Shoal Creek near Seaholm. More of that! :)
  • julierange about 1 year ago
    I would like to see Bull Creek further developed to have improved trails that connect the various access points. At the access points I'd love to see improved parking, playscapes at various access points, picnic tables, and quality restroom. Obviously you would build these at higher elevation points that are less prone to flooding. I think with better-marked trails, alternate fun activities, and more reminders of appropriate park usage (no glass bottles, swim diapers, stay on trails, dogs on leash where appropriate) it could encourage people to take more pride in our park. Currently the park can be overrun on the weekends. It lacks sufficient parking for all users. Bull Creek is big enough to support a community garden.
  • Yahooserious about 1 year ago
    Do better with ADA. especially at Big Stacy. The north entrance should remain open and a walkway built to that entrance. That is a much shorter flatter easier entrance. The womens handicapp shower needs alot of improvement. It needs a large dressing bench. The one in there now is only the size for a child. Very hard for a disabled person to sit and dress on that tiny seat. I know there are a few extra large benches that are not in use. One of those could be put in womens handicap shower.
  • Mirk about 1 year ago
    We need to have more open wild spaces. Texas has some beautiful prairie type environments that should be saved. Just to be in nature is good for mental health, I feel so much more relaxed when I've wandered through a native Texas environment. The Walnut Creek area is wonderful but a long drive from here. Giving more space to off leash dogs does two things, it allows the dogs exercise and it gives the owners exercise. Now that the council appears to be favoring high density development it becomes even more important to plan for open spaces. Parks around the world were conceived of as an outlet for the large urban areas that arose in the 19th century. That aspect of parks should not be forgotten.