Station Six: North Sub-Area

12 months ago
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Where can we improve access and connections to existing parks?
Where should we invest in improvements to and maintenance of existing parks?
Where would you like new parks to be located?
The community has said they would like to have more trails, natural spaces, off-leash areas, water sport rentals, and community gardens. Where should they be located?
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  • JAR about 1 year ago
    It's great to finally see a map with sufficient detail! I'm scratching my head that my home off Bluegrass in quadrant 4 is not considered park-deficient. I have no PARD park within walking distance. I assume you wouldn't count the Golf Club facilities since only members can use their facilities. Am I hiking through backyards or the golf coarse to a creek? Am I walking down 360? My nearest park is 2 miles away. As I compare my situation to others around the map, I question the methodology that created this map. Certain areas are marked as park-deficient that look very close to green parks, and others lack marking but similarly have no parks within walking distance. I also find it suspect that several that lack park-deficient markings appear to be well developed with homes, and others without any development on them appear to need parks. That seems backwards to me.But back to my area on Bluegrass. My closest parks are 2 miles away. I don't count a hike through off-trail back country to creek buffer a legitimate expectation to access a 'park.' What I would love to see is a pocket park installed by our local fire station on Bluegrass. This is 0.5 miles from my home (and many nearby homes). I'd love to see this park have a covered play scape with nearby tables, a basketball court, and calisthenic equipment that could also be used by the local firefighters. A tennis court would be amazing too, but I think it would be a stretch to fit it in. I imagine there are other areas of town that lack park, but City fire stations may have extra space that could be used for a pocket park. I encourage planners to consider these opportunities to provide park facilities with no land purchase requirements.