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12 months ago
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Share your personal story about the history of Austin parks?

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  • cjw about 1 year ago
    Austin parks are important to us! I will never forget my 5th birthday at Zilker park.
  • WTNA about 1 year ago
    The Parks are a great place for Family to gather, But only if its safe. I Live in the Joslin Park area, and it is really nice, However, we continue to have some homelessness in the area, It has come to where every once in a while you may see some of the homeless passing through and some that come and visit the park and leave. Over all its a great park. What it needs is a community ability to put on Music events in the park that may give some of the people a chance to come out and visit each other and create quality events right in there neighborhood. I believe there are a lot of Kids in our community are surly talented but have no out lets to there greatness. I believe Parks should be a place to learn and play at the same time, meet new people that lives around you, And many other family events that can take place. It gives the community a place to host family events, to include children's events and many other things. I believe every park should have something going on in it during the summer especially when school is out.
  • Wells about 1 year ago
    Please remember the older aging folks. We request a quiet zone without skooters, crying children nor yelling. Our taxes have supported these park areas.
  • MH about 1 year ago
    The Shoal Creek greenbelt has meant so much to me and my family. My father and daughter explored the creek bed together many years ago, and the trail is my favorite place to walk. When I was a runner, I trained at Lady Bird hike and bike trail several times a week. The trail is another important place to preserve in Austin.
  • CL about 1 year ago
    Cull the coyote population. It’s out of control. More pets are found ripped apart or never found. Coyotes hunt more than once a night and will travel miles for prey. Maybe when they attack humans you’ll do something.
  • John about 1 year ago
    I appreciate having a beautiful park like Zilker in the middle of Austin to take a walk or jog, and get away from the hustle and bustle of city life.
  • Concerned about 1 year ago
    Austin has hundreds of folks moving in everyday, so Parks are going to be over-used. Parks are also MAGNET for homeless and drug activity--there are dozens of homeless camps hidden in the woods and there is a lot of suspicious vehicle traffic. This stuff goes hand-in-hand.
  • Access is a civil right about 1 year ago
    Austin parks and trails are one of the best parts of the city but your plan must emphasize full compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. We are now 29 years post passage of the ADA and the disability community is still struggling for access to these parks. You should be done by now, not having to be reminded.
  • mngirwin about 1 year ago
    Please remember that golf is a way for all ages to participate/stay active. I play golf 4-6 times a week and love this activity and I am over 65. If it wasn't for golf, I would not be as active as I am. I would love to see more golf promoted.Many of the comments against golf are based on false information. Golf courses are so advanced in their environmental impacts and no one seems to change their ideas. Golf is not an elitist sport, but a sport that in Austin is affordable and a chance to interact with many different cultures/races/genders/financial statuses. It is the best opportunity to be the most diversity of all situations to be in an Austin Park. I learn so much from others when I play golf in Austin with others that are not like me.The consultant group that did the survey/planning at Walter E. Long was very negative about golf in all of their surveys and presentations. I hope that the future of Austin Parks and Rec are more realistic about golf for all ages in the future.
  • Jen about 1 year ago
    I attended the 5th Annual Adopt-a-Park Summit this year and really took away a lot of valuable information about the history of Austin through its parkland acquisition. I recommend PARD record it for a permanent online educational resource for new community registry groups and park adopters. It was very enlightening and informative.As a newcomer to both East Austin and Texas, whenI I started our neighborhood association primarily because of chronic issues effecting our neighborhood park's desired usability, I felt a lot of anti-gentrification heat. However, hands-down the single most effective thing that has helped me integrate the longterm native residents and newcomer community stakeholders is sharing my learning of the neighborhood and our park's historic legacy. Old-timers feel respected and open up to share. Newcomers who already have pride for the neighborhood they call home, start to have a better understanding of the people who helped build it before them.