Station Five: Existing Facility Distribution and Trends Impacting Park Planning

3 months ago
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We know the areas that are deficient, but what are the types of things people need in these areas?

  • cjw 6 months ago
    These maps are interesting. Shows the extreme disparities in our city.
  • dsp44 6 months ago
    more programming in 78744, better playgrounds, outside cover for playgrounds, more shade
  • John 5 months ago
    Better maintenance if existing city run pools for summer recreation in all neighborhoods throughout the city. Some pools, due to funding issues, have been maintained better than others. Access to a city pool is a great investment for everyone.
  • Jen 5 months ago
    In areas of gentrification I feel the elderly are greatly left out new activities and spending in the parks. I would like to see some activities that celebrate Austin Park's first community stakeholders historic contributions to respective communities and the City's growth planned for its too late. There are many park's anniversary's coming up. Instead of waiting for the 100th Anniversary mark, consider a 90th Celebration so elders can celebrate with Austin's future today, their great grand-children.