Contract Review: Addendum C - Procedures: Articles 3 and 4

01 July, 2019
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For the final piece of the LARP Review, the Parks and Recreation Department is seeking community feedback on the main portions of the contract that all LAAP participants and PARD will sign. Addendum A (part 2) Article 3: Technical Theater Procedures, Article 4: Marketing Procedures of the contract is copied below. Comments must be submitted by Thursday, June 27, 2019.

You can all review a PDF of Addenda A, B, and C by clicking here.


Partner’s Roles and Responsibilities:

3.01   A Partner must submit a Technical Request Form (Attachment A) to the Site’s Production Coordinator and the Program Coordinator no later than six weeks before the date the equipment is needed. 

3.02   A Partner must check out and return PARD equipment using the Inventory Check-Out Form (Attachment J).

3.03   If a Partner loses or damages PARD equipment, the Partner is responsible for the current cost of the repair or the replacement of that equipment or a commensurate brand.  PARD will invoice Partner of the cost due.

3.04   All theater equipment is provided “as-is.”

3.05   Plans to use fire, pyrotechnics, smoke, strobe lights, gun fire simulation, must be presented to staff in the Technical Request form 90 days in advance of production rehearsals or any marketing if to be used as elements of production.  It is the responsibility of the Partner to apply for and secure appropriate permits, fire watches or signage, as appropriate and provide copies of the permits to the site manager no later than 2 days before the use of these elements.

3.06   All Partners are responsible for providing and preparing their own technical needs including sets, props, costumes and lighting designs. Use of PARD equipment (e.g. flats, risers, additional drapery) is at the discretion of the Site Manager. Moving, preparing and securing approved PARD equipment is the responsibility of the Partner.

PARD’s Roles and Responsibilities:

3.07   PARD staff will respond in writing to a Technical Request Form no later than two (2) business days after the request is submitted to PARD staff.

3.08   PARD will provide general support in making the Site available as required and available to permitting departments in consideration of permit requests.

3.09   PARD is not responsible for any costs, fees or charges in the permitting process described in §8.05 nor will PARD incur costs to make facility modifications in support of special effects requirements.

3.10   PARD shall provide supervision and troubleshooting of technical equipment during the Partner’s technical load-in or load-out- period or during the Partners’ operation of technical equipment for a presentation.

3.11   PARD will endeavor to provide privacy for dressing rooms and technical rehearsals within what is physically possible for the specific room and Premises.  PARD reserves the right to enter the Partner’s designated room(s) in the event of an emergency, or for maintenance and repairs.

3.12   Should PARD determine that the installation of materials such as Marley or Masonite is required to protect the space, PARD will be responsible for supplying those materials.

3.13   Bleachers, risers and seating for the audience area is PARD’s responsibility and PARD will be responsible for installing or repairing such items.  PARD agrees to provide the designated number of seats assigned to the room.


Partner’s Roles and Responsibilities:

4.01   Partner is responsible for preparing all marketing materials related to their LAAP programs. All marketing material including print, electronic, social media, etc. must be submitted for approval by PARD staff prior to release through any platform.

4.02   Partners presentation of marketing material must include the PARD logo, the logo associated with the Premises, and City of Austin ADA statement, CAPRA logo, and the City of Austin logo.

4.03   Partners should prepare marketing materials for PARD approval timelines. Approval timelines for marketing materials will vary from 1-5 business days.

4.04   Partners must submit basic program descriptions on their initial Room Reservation Form, due on January 2nd of every year, in order to be included in the Division’s Season Brochure for the following Fall Season.  Inclusion in the brochure is optional.

4.05   Partners are responsible for creating and printing banners for Partner events.

PARD’s Roles and Responsibilities:

4.05  PARD shall assist in the design of publicity materials by providing an ADA statement and high quality logos, (PARD logo, COA seal logo, CAPRA logo, Site logo) consistent with the City’s regulations on use of the City seal and logo.

4.06   Approved event materials provided 30 days in advance to PARD will be listed on the Site’s website, event calendar, and publicity materials will be distributed in the Site’s e-newsletter to all site members and other media outlets. Approved event materials provided 15 days in advance to PARD will be provided with online posting assistance by the front desk monitors on duty for evening rehearsals.  [end of Addendum C]

Please provide comments below. Identify the section you refer to by putting the section number (for example: "section 3.03").

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