Dockless Mobility Program FAQ's

    Where can scooter and bicycle users ride?

    Scooter and bicycle riders can use bicycle lanes and sidewalks. On May 23, 2019, City Council passed an ordinance regarding safe use of bicycles and micromobility devices.

    Where can I park a dockless scooter or bicycle?

    Users of dockless mobility should make sure to park in a manner that does not negatively affect safety and mobility of our community. Park dockless scooters and bicycles in a secure, upright position in designated areas, such as furniture zones of sidewalks, public bike racks and other marked parking zones. On sidewalks, give at least 3 feet of clearance for accessibility.

    Is wearing a helmet required to ride?

    A helmet is recommended for safety when riding a scooter or bicycle. Under the ordinance adopted by City Council on May 23, 2019, a child may not operate or ride a micromobility device or a bicycle, sidecar, trailer, child carrier, seat, or other device attached to a micromobility device or bicycle unless the child is wearing a helmet. 

    What is the City doing to ensure a scooter or bicycle is properly parked?

    The City of Austin has done educational outreach on dockless mobility etiquette to communicate proper use of devices and has been installing parking boxes to clearly delineate where users can properly park a dockless scooter or bicycle. When a dockless device is blocking the right of way or left in unauthorized areas, the City responds to concerns submitted to 3-1-1 and communicates with the licensed operators involved to correct the issue.

    Can I ride a scooter or bicycle in parks or on trails?

    Generally, conventional bicycles are allowed in parks and on trails. The City of Austin's Parks and Recreation Department is conducting a pilot to examine the impacts of electric-assist scooters and bicycles—or e-scooters and e-bikes—in parks and on trails. Under this pilot program, only e-bikes are allowed on the Ann and Roy Butler Hike and Bike Trail and Boardwalk.