Please provide feedback on Goal #1 recommendations.

by rachel.crist, almost 2 years ago
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Goal #1:  Ensure appropriate reviews take place prior to demolition activities.

Staff recommendations include:

1.  Consolidate location for obtaining demolition permits. Restructure the demolition permitting process so residential and commercial demolition permit applications are obtained from the same location within the Development Services Department (DSD).

2.  Provide clear process and requirements. Enhance information available to stakeholders on the DSD website in regard to the demolition permitting process and safety requirements.

3.  Expand departments involved during the review period. Provide a coordinated review process that includes Community Trees (for residential), Flood Plain, Historic Preservation, Austin Resource Recovery, Austin Energy, and Austin Water.

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  • SpeakerJeremy almost 2 years ago
    The City of Austin should require Demolition Contractors to be registered with the city. COA should also require proof of a minimum safety training and demolition skills program.
  • all78757 almost 2 years ago
    1.The house across the street from me was just torn down. There was no notification posted. I mentioned this to the builder and his answer was that nothing could be posted because the house was being torn down and there was nothing to attach a notice to. I'm pretty sure there is a way that a sign could be put up. I think the city needs to require that permits be posted before demolition and that neighbors be notified.
    2. This demolition was pemitted as a "remodel" because 2 or 3 walls were going to be left standing. There is no way this is a remodel, and the wall that was left standing fell down yesterday. I really think the city needs to exercise more control over property demolition.
  • Phillip Mossbarger almost 2 years ago
    It wasn't that long ago you were putting people in jail for killing old oak trees, we should find a way to save them if we can, they have been here longer than us.
  • Preservation Austin almost 2 years ago
    The city should put all the local historic districts, national register districts, local landmarks and historic resource surveys on the GIS layer of the city's website. And, tell people that the information is on the maps. This is so people who want to avoid the historic areas can.
  • donlb55 almost 2 years ago
    Tree review and Asbestos abatement are critical.