Any additional feedback you would like to provide about the demolition permitting process?

by rachel.crist, almost 2 years ago
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Open-ended input question.

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Consultation has concluded

  • scottturner about 2 years ago
    Adding additional cost for asbestos removal or demo notifications only exacerbates our affordability crisis. Where is the affordability impact statement for the proposed regulations? Wetting during demo is an intriguing idea, why not consider that as an alternative?
  • ncarty97 about 2 years ago
    The demolition process is already burdensome in this city, involving multiple commissions/committees to review, and far more neighbors and organizations than have any legitimate concern over a specific piece of property. Austin is a horrible housing crisis. Slowing down the demolition process and increasing its costs, in many cases, like the asbestos question from above, where there isn't even a real problem to address, will just continue the rise in property costs in this city.

    At the end of the day, any additional cost in construction is passed onto all home buyers, whether new construction or not, and that is the last thing this city needs.