October 01 → October 24 2019

Climate Advisory Groups Formed and Selected

November 07 2019

Climate Advisory Groups Begin Meeting

November 08 → November 27 2019

Community Climate Ambassadors Applications Open

December 02 2019 → February 13 2020

Climate Equity Workshops Begin

December 13 2019

Community Climate Ambassadors Selected

February 04 2020

Transportation Electrification Community Workshop

A community workshop focused on discussing challenges, opportunities, and barriers to electric vehicle adoption in Austin.
February 08 2020

Sustainable Buildings Community Workshop

A community workshop about sustainable buildings where participants explore low or no-carbon building and design options.
February 11 2020

Natural Systems Community Workshop

A community workshop to explore nature-based solutions to capture, store, and reduce carbon emissions in Austin.
February 13 2020

Transportation and Land Use Community Workshop

A workshop to get community input on transportation and land use planning in Austin. More info: http://bit.ly/TLUworkshop
February 23 2020

Consumerism and Climate Change Community Workshop

A workshop to discuss the lifecycle carbon impact of the goods, foods, and services we consume in Austin and their consequences related to climate change and social justice. More info: http://bit.ly/Ccwkshop
March 16 2020

All Advisory Group Meetings Move to Virtual due to COVID-19

The full Advisory Group meeting schedule for the Community Climate Plan can be found here.

May 01 2020

Office of Sustainability Staff and Advisory Groups Begin Drafting the Plan

September 02 2020

Climate Equity Plan Draft Available for Public Feedback

September 07 2021

Draft Final Climate Equity Plan sent to Austin City Council

September 30 2021

Austin Climate Equity Plan was adopted by the Austin City Council.