October 01 → October 24 2019

Climate Advisory Groups Formed and Selected

November 07 2019

Climate Advisory Groups Begin Meeting

November 08 → November 27 2019

Community Climate Ambassadors Applications Open

December 02 2019 → February 13 2020

Climate Equity Workshops Begin

December 13 2019

Community Climate Ambassadors Selected

February 04 2020

Transportation Electrification Community Workshop

A community workshop focused on discussing challenges, opportunities, and barriers to electric vehicle adoption in Austin.
February 08 2020

Sustainable Buildings Community Workshop

A community workshop about sustainable buildings where participants explore low or no-carbon building and design options.
February 11 2020

Natural Systems Community Workshop

A community workshop to explore nature-based solutions to capture, store, and reduce carbon emissions in Austin.
February 13 2020

Transportation and Land Use Community Workshop

A workshop to get community input on transportation and land use planning in Austin. More info: http://bit.ly/TLUworkshop
February 23 2020

Consumerism and Climate Change Community Workshop

A workshop to discuss the lifecycle carbon impact of the goods, foods, and services we consume in Austin and their consequences related to climate change and social justice. More info: http://bit.ly/Ccwkshop
March 16 2020

All Advisory Group Meetings Move to Virtual due to COVID-19

The full Advisory Group meeting schedule for the Community Climate Plan can be found here.

May 01 2020

Office of Sustainability Staff and Advisory Groups Begin Drafting the Plan