Update on Climate Plan meetings due to COVID-19

4 months ago

Due to the unprecedented COVID-19 situation, the City’s Office of Sustainability has fully transitioned to working remotely. The Coronavirus has caused many disruptions to our team, and to the daily lives of our community members. This has forced us to think creatively about ways to stay connected. It has also amplified the inequitable social conditions currently at hand, showing how deeply interconnected we all are — locally and globally.

To keep the climate plan revision process on track, we have made the decision to shift all advisory group meetings to virtual or teleconference. Community members are welcome to join these meetings, and the full schedule can be found here. We understand that this will be challenging, but our team is going to do our best to make the transition as smooth as possible. Over the next month, the advisory groups will be working on developing goals and strategies for lowering greenhouse gas emissions while addressing racial and economic equity in our community.

If you are interested in providing feedback about the plan, but are unable to join a meeting, we hope you’ll consider taking our Quick Community Survey. We will also be asking for feedback on a draft version of the plan in the coming months.

Stay safe and be well,

The Office of Sustainability Climate Team

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Jer 3 months ago
Let’s unite and become more green through biking paths for commuters. We should have this all over the city and on Mopac, 2244, 360 to downtown. How can we help!
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Porter 3 months ago
Your religious views about the environment are disheartening. I wish you could be unburdened by these self-limiting beliefs and I want to help you by telling you this: Human animals are as natural as the bird in a tree and the fish in the ocean. Human activities you see as destructive are in fact a natural part of the planetary evolution. Every part of the earth and environment is an agent of change. You cannot stop or control change...except the liberating change that could occur between your ears.
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